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Author, speaker, mom, and during-naptime entrepreneur, MJ works with individuals, groups, and organizations that strive to find the intersection of joy, skills, passion, and opportunity. See below for a list of speaking topics and engagements.

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1. A Girl In TraffickNow available on Amazon.: Invite the Author

Invite MJ to speak about A Girl In Traffick at your next book club, organization meeting, book store, library, school, conference, or other speaking event. Go behind the scenes into MJ’s research and unconventional writing process. Also learn more about organ trafficking, and opportunities to prevent it.

2. The Medical Ethics Behind Human Organs and The Rise Of Fake News
Ethics in general are changing in the new political climate

For years, government leaders and medical professionals have denied the existence of organ trafficking schemes. The sheer volume of reports from victims across the globe is too high to ignore or deny. Why is this issue pushed under the rug or denied? While most people would agree organ trafficking is wrong, the medical ethics behind a legal marketplace for buying and selling organs is not so straightforward. Mamta Jain Valderrama forces readers to question the gray area between right and wrong in her debut novel, A Girl In Traffick. In this presentation, MJ provides a history of organ trafficking, and discusses both sides of the debate.

3. Discover the Intersection of Skills, Passion, and Joy: Uncover Your Strengths and What Makes You Happy

Are you stuck in a career that doesn’t utilize your skills or that doesn’t spark joy? Do you feel unsure about what you’re good at and what you want? In this interactive talk, discover tools to identify your strengths and what brings you joy. This presentation is part 1slide1
of a 2-part series. Inquire about this presentation as a single talk or as a 2-part bundle.

4. Live at the Intersection of Skills, Passion, Joy, & Opportunity: How to Utilize Your Education To Do What You Love

You earned a degree and after all that hard work (and $), th
at profession turned out not to be a good match. In this interactive brainstorming session, open your eyes to new projects and opportunities that utilize your education. Unlock your potential and find practical opportunities to do what you love. This presentation is part 2 of a 2-part series. Inquire about this presentation as a single talk or as a 2-part bundle.

5. Mompreneurship: How to Transition to Staying/Working At Home

It’s not easy to go from a working mom to staying at home. Whether you’re working from home or not working at all, MJ shares her experience and tips to making a successful transition to staying at home. She published a book and launched a baby product all while staying home full-time with her daughter. She will cover more than just career—how to stay social with your friends, how to lose the baby weight, and how to cook healthy food for you and your family. Learn how to make the transition easier without losing your sense of self.

6. Chocolate Tasting: Chocolate History and Ethical/Fair Chocolate Great for corporate and teambuilding events, as well as cocktail parties, bridal showers, bachelorette parties etc. – indulge in generous chocolate tastings and an educational, humorous presentation complete with chocolate history, information about ethical and fair chocolate, and fun facts. The first part of the tasting will include a presentation, while the remaining time will allow time for your participants to mingle and indulge in more tastings. Learn about ethically grown and fair chocolate in a fun way. Wine pairings and small plates also available upon request.

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