A Girl In Traffick

By Mamta Jain Valderrama

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When tragedy strikes, an Indian girl must learn to survive on her own. Across the world and unknowingly linked to her, an American man fights for his life.

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About MJ

Author, speaker, and entrepreneur, Mamta Jain Valderrama, debuts A Girl In Traffick after she wrote an award-winning business plan on medical tourism in 2009. MJ brings to light social justice issues, particularly those that impact children. She holds a journalism degree from George Washington University and a Masters in Business Administration from University of Southern California.

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About A Girl In Traffick

Twelve-year-old Juhi Gupta loves her simple life in a remote Indian village. She and her mother and father might be poor, but they’re happy. Then one day, everything changes. Her father heads to the doctor for a simple procedure—the removal of a rotten tooth—but instead, his kidney is stolen and sold on the black market. Juhi and her parents are kidnapped and dropped in a New Delhi slum. Separated from her parents, Juhi must quickly learn to survive…

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